• Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Brian M

    October 20, 2019

    When we found our next home, Kristy was the first lender to respond to my reach out. She was extremely proactive and thorough with every step of the process from pre-approval to closing. Her great communication sets her apart from most lenders. I would definitely work with her again, and be quick to recommend her to other interested buyers.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Natashia S

    September 27, 2019

    Kristy worked so hard to help me get my first house! She explained the process and made sure everything was on track. I never had to worry because I knew Kristy was on top of any problem that may arrive. She was beyond helpful to me!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Darin B

    September 14, 2019

    Kristy always had our best interest in mind. Clear communication and made certain that we knew what to expect. She kept us informed every step of the way. A pleasure to work with Kristy!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Traci B

    September 12, 2019

    Kristy was very communicative during the whole process and answered any questions promptly.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Andrew B

    September 11, 2019

    Very helpful and very outgoing to help us get into our home. Can't thank her enough.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Keith B

    August 28, 2019

    Kristy was friendly, prompt, and very clear about every step. This is the third time we have used Kristy to handle our loans, and will again for any future needs. She is awesome.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Diane G

    August 24, 2019

    Kristy Chapple recently helped me with the purchase of my first home. I had no idea about all of the different loan options available, but Kristy educated me and made sure I had the best possible option. She made a very stressful process seem much less stressful, and was there to guide me through the entire process. I highly recommend Kristy to anyone who is looking to finance a home. -Diane

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Donna B

    August 21, 2019

    Kristy was absolutely amazing to work with. Her knowledge, expertise and wonderful personality made the entire process easy and we felt like we were in the best of hands.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Robert L

    July 29, 2019

    Unlike dealing with a mortgage agent with one of the large US banks, you get Kristy who is going to really work for you to get your loan approved & be there to answer you questions & concerns. Kristy took the time to understand our finances which are a little complicated. Kristy was available throughout the application process to provide prompt answers to questions & offer explanation. We very much appreciated her pleasant demeanor, integrity & hard work.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Tawnya F

    July 24, 2019

    Kristy is very professional. Her efforts and communication were timely and extremely considerate of meeting our needs! She made our experience enjoyable and we will highly recommend her to anyone!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Todd E

    June 26, 2019

    Kristy was excellent at keeping in contact with us and involved and informed throughout the whole process.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Benjamin R

    June 8, 2019

    Amazing! There is nobody else I would ever use.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Mark M

    May 30, 2019

    Kristy shows genuine care for her customers. I trust her representation of Fairway 100%.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Torrey G

    May 20, 2019

    Kristy is very knowledgeable and was able to solve a couple of issues to get our loan closed in a timely manner. We would highly recommend her and will use her again.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Lorrie G

    May 10, 2019

    Kristy is very knowledgeable and super easy to work with. She put in a lot of extra time and effort. We had a difficult home purchase and she definitely went the extra mile for us!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Richard R

    May 7, 2019

    Kristy is detail oriented and manages everything to a specific time line. Her directions are simple and easy to understand. Her communications were timely. Follow up was outstanding.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Alex J

    March 25, 2019

    Kristy was amazing the entire time and she was always there for us when we needed to know things and when we wasn't unsure about the decisions we we're making thank you Kristy for a wonderful experience with you and Fairway Hope every client see what I see!!!! Have A Great Day!!!!!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Shayla F

    March 4, 2019

    Fairway was excellent to work with. Kristy Chapple made the purchase of my new home a breeze! She was very quick to respond and professional. I highly recommend Kristy at Fairway for a home loan!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Jim M

    January 14, 2019

    Everything was great

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Daniel A

    January 11, 2019

    Kristy is friendly and quick to do what needs to be done. This was a great experience and we look forward to working with Kristy again!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Joshua B

    December 28, 2018

    Kristy is friendly, professional, easy to talk to and is truly looking out for her clients best interests. She made the whole process easy for a first time home buyer. I would highly recommend her!!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Cristi B

    December 27, 2018

    Kristy is so easy to work with! Very professional, very kind, and on top of all aspects of getting our loan approved! Thank you for helping us make our dream of owning a home a reality!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Cheryl C

    December 20, 2018

    The continuous professional communication which provided us the roadmap for what was expected as well as the process. Additionally the effort to go the extra mile in meeting very aggressive deadlines as well as working diligently while on vacation. Truly great ! Thank you !!!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Erin P

    December 20, 2018

    Kristy was very responsive and worked quickly and efficiently to make sure I closed on time, despite a short timeline which also occurred during her vacation. She was pleasant and professional, and went above and beyond to answer my questions, including providing home insurance references and contacts. Great experience!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Teri S

    December 20, 2018

    Kristy was great to work with. Very attentive and kept in great communication with us. Totally walked us through every step of the way (even when she was on vacation)...Thanks Kristy!!!!!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Dawn C

    December 19, 2018

    She answered all of my questions within the hour of me asking them. She is very knowledgeable and seemed to be available 24/7. She was very friendly and easy to approach with difficult questions.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Kaleb K

    December 13, 2018

    We got per approved with a few different lenders while searching for our first home. Kristy Chapple by far was the most informative, helpful, and on top of things. She always answered calls, texts, and Emails, if not immediately within an hour or two. She really took the extra time to explain how the loan process works and to get us the best rates. Thank you so much Kristy for being patient and making time to help us with our first home!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Lacey K

    December 9, 2018

    Kristy did a great job handling our loan and made sure we closed on time. She kept us up to date on everything and answered any questions we had along the way. She was right on top of getting everything we needed done and made sure we understood the whole process as first time home buyers.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Ellyn B

    November 30, 2018

    Kristy was very responsive and on top of all aspects throughout the loan process. She took time to explain anything I was not familiar with and made a process that can seem overwhelming very manageable. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, a pleasure to work with!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Larry M

    November 24, 2018

    You were very helpful thank you

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Catherine D

    November 24, 2018

    Because of unusual circumstances this was the craziest mortgage I have gotten but considering all the circumstances I feel Kristy did an excellent job of handling them all.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Paul T

    November 13, 2018

    Kristy worked with me through thick and thin putting this deal together.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Mark C

    November 11, 2018

    Knowledge, experience, and patience.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    James A

    October 26, 2018

    With buying our first house and having a lot of questions, Kristy always got us our answer! She was very easy to get in touch with. I love that she estimated our payment to be higher rather than lower so when we got to closing we weren’t shocked but a little relieved. We’d recommend Kristy to anyone!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Cody B

    October 21, 2018

    The simpler and easier for us the better and this wasn’t to bad

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Lee H

    October 19, 2018

    Working with Kristy was a great experience she made the process simple for us and helped us every step of the way answering whatever questions we had!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Emma B

    October 18, 2018

    Kristy took great care of us. Anytime anything came up she was in contact with us. She was awesome!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Casey H

    October 16, 2018

    Kristy was amazing to work with on our new cabin. She was always available to answer any questions we had. I would highly recommend her and will use her again on our next transaction

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Courtney R

    October 8, 2018

    Kristy was great to work with. Very helpful!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Kenneth S

    October 7, 2018

    very knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Tamara S

    October 5, 2018

    Quick and thorough. We had a very good experience. Thanks!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    William S

    October 3, 2018

    Kristy was prompt with replies and explained the process clearly.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Patrick K

    September 27, 2018

    Kristy Chapple goes that extra mile to make sure you get the best there is!!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Whitney S

    September 26, 2018

    Kristy is amazing. Simple as that. As a first time home buyer, I didn’t know what to expect going into It. Kristy was at the ready to answer any questions we may have in the most caring and thoughtful way possible. She made us feel as though we were family, and she wanted to get us the best possible deal there was. This was an amazing experience; and we are now HOMEOWNERS! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Kristy! We appreciate you more than you know!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Deborah M

    September 25, 2018

    Kristy worked diligently towards our goal of closing in 4 weeks and regardless of many hurdles she was amazingly successful. Such a pleasant, smart, hardworking individual.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Gary D

    September 19, 2018

    Knowledgeable friendly efficient.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Victor R

    September 17, 2018

    Everything went really smooth. Very prompt with and patient with all of our questions.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Aurora P

    September 14, 2018

    Kristy had us a step ahead of the process. Talk about quick and painless!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Darla N

    September 8, 2018

    Kristy worked very hard for us and was always available if we had any questions or concerns. She would be my first choice if I ever had to do this again. A great big thank you for all of your hard work Kristy!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Robert M

    September 4, 2018

    Friendly Made the escrow process very easy

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Hilary G

    August 25, 2018

    Always very easy to get ahold of and explains why you need certain things amd how to fix and marks on your credit score. Very amazing hardworking lady!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Leslie G

    August 25, 2018

    Very professional and helpful throughout our loan process. We would have been lost without her help.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Mary A

    August 21, 2018

    Kristy was perfect! She is pleasant, efficient and so easy to work with. Love her!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Alecia J

    August 13, 2018

    Kristy has a smile that won't quit and made a rather scary , for me anyway, event in our lives much easier. The difficult 4 long months this home purchase took, was real tough, and thanks to kristy's calm reasuring nature we made it through!! She always kept us informed in a very quick and professional manner,and put up with all our numerous calls to her for reasurance. I feel of kristy as a friend, and hope to go fishing with her someday!! Thanks for chance to share how great she is!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Gregory J

    August 7, 2018

    Kristy is a great person and cares about her clients. She answers any question and explains it so a lay person can understand. She keeps you going during the tough times even though it may not be a financial issue but dealing with a seller and their real estate agent who delay and stall the entire process. Kristy was a rock, very easy to work with, extremely good at what she does, gets all the right information she needs up front with no surprises, always available when you need her.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Hayley C

    July 10, 2018

    Being a first time home buyer can be a very stressful and intimidating process. Kristy did a GREAT job helping us transition into our new home and making the entire experience wonderful.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Tomas T

    July 2, 2018

    Fantastic communicator, consistent follow-up, always pleasant and positive, a true professional.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Kay W

    June 26, 2018

    Working with Kristy and her team was such a pleasure. They kept us informed in a timely manner, answered any questions we had and helped out in any way possible. They always had a great attitude no matter how many times we contacted them or what questions we asked. We would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thanks to all of you once again!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Stacy V

    June 26, 2018

    Kristy kept close communication with me through the process, told me precisely what I had to supply to the underwriters and why. She was even able to get me into a home that was significantly more expensive than my original pre-approval. She goes the extra mile for her clients and is very upbeat and polite.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Scott M

    June 25, 2018

    Kristy was extremely thorough in making sure we had all of our paperwork and necessary files in order! She made the loan acquisition process run smoothly from start to finish!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Dore' S

    June 25, 2018

    Thanks for all your help!=)

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Philip L

    June 11, 2018

    Very easy to work with.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Russell F

    June 10, 2018

    We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Great job!

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Robert N

    June 10, 2018

    My experience with Kristy during my mortgage process was nothing less than amazing. Throughout the whole process I felt informed, updated, and completely confident that she and her staff were providing me with excellent service. I would not hesitate and have not hesitated in recommending Kristy and Fairway Mortgage to anyone seeking a Mortgage service. It is the personable and pleasant experience that does not go unnoticed. Sincerely, Bob Nissen

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Travis H

    June 9, 2018

    She was very willing to be prompt and thorough with us.

  • Reviews for Kristy Chapple

    Zane H

    June 7, 2018

    Kristy was absolutely amazing in my home buying experience from start to finish, She bent over backwards time and time again to help me with some very unique situations. Highly recommend her to anyone who is in the market to purchase a home. THANK YOU KRISTY